Eugene Criminal Defense Attorneys of Arnold Law

For your important legal case, you may need an Oregon criminal defense lawyer who is as committed to standing up for your rights as you are. To get in touch with one of our experienced trial lawyers in Oregon, call us at 541-359-1549 or send us an e-mail.

Oregon Criminal Defense Attorneys

Are you or a family member wrongly accused of a crime or the focus of an over-reaching prosecutor who has overcharged your case? You deserve justice. Our Eugene criminal defense attorneys handle a broad range of Oregon crimes, including:

Our attorneys can provide clients with an honest assessment of a case so they can make an informed decision about settlement versus trial.

Cross-Over Skills from Complex Civil Litigation

Our firm provides skilled and experienced civil litigation representation as well. We have found that specializing in complex litigation in high-conflict disputes, has given our firm the ability to employ skills from other practice areas to criminal defense. Our legal team has experience in the following areas as well:

      • » personal injury: wrongful death, car accidents, premises liability, defective products
      • » Family law: high-conflict custody and divorce, juvenile dependency, father’s rights
      • » Stalking and restraining orders
      • » Complex commercial litigation

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