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Mike Arnold is a former Eugene City Prosecutor who understands the unique peculiarities that muni courts pose for defendants and the unique solutions that can be utilized if known by your attorney. At Arnold Law, we understand how to defend against municipal court charges. We aren’t afraid to take these cases to trial. It is our experience that municipal court juries quickly tire of wasting their time with prosecutors who over-charge defendants and don’t understand what a case is worth.

Our attorneys understand that being accused of a misdemeanor crime puts your employment prospects and liberty on the line. An aggressive defense is necessary to fight these accusations and the awesome power of the government.

They have multiple police agencies, investigators, forensic scientists, and prosecuting attorneys at their disposal. You have your lawyer. Make the most out of your choice.

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If you have been accused of a crime in a municipal court, attorney Mike Arnold will vigorously defend you against these charges. We will provide you with the straight-talking legal counsel your case requires.

The most common municipal court cases include:

  • » DUIIs are the most commonly charged and tried municipal court cases.
  • » Noise disturbance
  • » Alcohol-related offenses (Consumption of Alcohol in Public)
  • » Disorderly conduct
  • » Interfering with a Police Officer
  • » Assault

Two Bites at the Trial Apple

The wonderful thing about municipal court is that it is not a court of record. That means that if you lose your trial, you can appeal it to circuit court and have another trial!


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