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Mike Arnold, Eugene Oregon Criminal Defense Attorney

Trial Lawyer at Arnold Law

Michael Arnold is a successful trial counsel and managing partner of the Arnold Law firm, leading the criminal practice team of Arnold Law. He travels statewide supporting clients in getting relief from various criminal cases. Mike Arnold, along with his team, takes pride in incorporating a novel approach to tough criminal cases.

Practice philosophy followed by Mike

Mike believes that the one who knows the case facts and figures more than anyone else present in the court is the most likely to win the case. Mike understands the role of uphill struggle in winning a case. He also excels in preparing a case for settlement.

Education and qualifications

Mike grew up in Parkville, Missouri, located at Kansas City’s northern side. His father worked as a pipefitter and mother was a screen printer. Mike was an official member of Truman’s rugby team and he graduated from Truman State University, Kirksville, summa cum laude.

He decided to move on to Eugene with wife Jacy Arnold right after their graduation. He started attending Law School at University of Oregon, where he was honored with a Wayne Morse Fellowship. Mike worked simultaneously at a private firm and at the DA’s office for two years. By conducting grand jury under the supervision of a seasoned prosecutor, he was able to see the inner workings of this secret authority. Furthermore, he took part in the prosecution of numerous jury trials and other crime related cases.

Employment History

Mike continued working at a private litigation firm even after his graduation. It was a year later in 2002, when he joined his wife Jacy to help clients involved in personal injury litigation with their own private firm named “Arnold Law Office.”

During his initial career, he dealt with a relatively higher number of civil jury trials as compared to other seasoned attorneys of his age. By preparing aggressively for each case he undertook, Mike who is a Eugene Oregon criminal defense attorney sharpened his judicial skills and enhanced his ability to bring results in clients’ favor. He read and re-read books on depositions, sentencing, evidences and expert materials on trial skills

Mike realized early on that the skills of law can only be mastered by practicing it more and more, not simply by watching others (hence the “practice” of law). He went the extra mile in order to sharpen his skills by trying numerous cases and by increasing his knowledge-base.

Professional Organizations & Activities

  • »Oregon State Bar
  • »Federal Bar (United States District Court for the District of Oregon & United States Court of
  • »Appeals for the Ninth Circuit)
  • »Oregon Criminal Defense Lawyers Association
  • »Oregon Trial Lawyers Association
  • »Lane County Bar Association
  • »Roland K. Rodman American Inn of Court
  • »Trial Practice Instructor, University of Oregon School of Law (2003, 2005, & 2006)
  • »Alumni Member, Eugene Rugby Football Club
  • »Gun Owners Caucus of the Democratic Party of Oregon
  • Interests and hobbies

    Being a man of nature from his core heart, Mike loves devoting time to his hobbies when not at the office. He finds immense delight in tending to his rare American Guinea hogs, while caring for his poultry including quail, chickens and turkeys. Along with a small farm outside the town, Mike owns a large garden and a small orchard where he practices activities like wine making and bee keeping.

    The Arnold family often unites to can their garden produce and then turns it into products like wine, garden Perry and hard Perry. Mike and Jacy have also initiated a medium-sized beekeeping operation in their garden which helps them present a mouthful of delicious honey to guests and relatives. The wine making efforts of the Arnold family can be easily distinguished through Mike’s blue ribbon awards that he has earned at the Lane County Fair.

    When not in the mood to work at the farm, Mike likes to go sporting at extreme levels. After retiring from Eugene Rugby Club, he started rafting in the whitewaters of class IV and class V Rivers of the Pacific Northwest. A memorable photo of Mike and his rafting partner was shown while they were in the middle of a 30-ft drop in the Big Brother Falls situated on the Upper White Salmon. This photo was a prime feature in the Whitewater Annual of Canoe and Kayak Magazine, 2011.

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