Defense of Federal Crimes in Eugene

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When your opponent’s employer prints the money, you know you are in trouble. Attorney Mike Arnold is a former prosecutor who understands federal court. The rules are different and the stakes are higher. At Arnold Law, we understand how to defend against federal criminal charges. We aren’t afraid to take these cases to trial while simultaneously prepping for safety valve and other sentence reductions. You will quickly learn terms that are unique to federal court, such as proffer, debrief, safety valve, etc.

Our attorneys understand that being accused of a federal crime puts your entire life on the line. An aggressive defense is necessary to fight these accusations and the awesome power of the federal government.

They have multiple government agencies, investigators, forensic scientists, and the assistant United States attorneys at their disposal. You have your lawyer. Make the most out of your choice.

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If you have been accused of a crime in federal court, the attorneys of Arnold Law will vigorously defend clients against these charges. We will provide a client with the straight-talking legal counsel a case requires.

The most common federal court cases include:

  • » Delivery of methamphetamine
  • » Armed Career Criminal Act (felon in possession of a firearm )
  • » White collar crime (stealing from government agencies, pyramid schemes)


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The Oregon attorneys of Arnold Law understand how to defend and try cases in federal court. Contact our staff to ask about setting up an appointment with our federal case attorneys.