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When your opponent’s employer prints the money, you know you are in trouble. In such a situation, you need an attorney who knows the ins and outs of the federal court. The Arnold Law Criminal Defense Practice Team, led by Mike Arnold, is well versed with federal court. They know that the rules are different in the federal court and the stakes are high.

At Arnold Law, we understand how to defend against federal criminal charges. We work for every case as if it is going for trial from day one. This helps us to be ready for an unexpected trial situation from the opponent, while at the same time we prepare for safety valve and other sentence reduction options. You will quickly learn terms that are unique to federal court, such as proffer, debrief, safety valve, etc.


We know how crucial it is for the life of the accused if they are charged with federal crimes. This puts their entire life on stake. These life-sensitive cases require aggressive defense to oppose the power of the federal government. Opposing the power of the federal government is difficult as they have an entire army of multiple government agencies, investigators, forensic scientists, and assistant U.S. attorneys at their disposal. While the government has multiple options, you only have your lawyer, so make a thoughtful choice.

If your life or liberty is at stake because of accusations in federal court, consider that Mike Arnold can vigorously defend clients against these charges. Clients can rely on Arnold Law for the straight-talking legal counsel that a case requires.

The most common federal court cases include:

  • »Medical marijuana grows
  • »Delivery of methamphetamine
  • »Armed Career Criminal Act (felon in possession of a firearm )
  • »White collar crime (stealing from government agencies, pyramid schemes)

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