Eugene Criminal Defense Attorney

The proficient Eugene criminal defense attorneys at Arnold Law deal with criminal cases and have the experience of dealing professionally with a jury to increase the chances of bringing a verdict in favor of a client. Because our lawyers are active trial attorneys, they know what the likely outcomes of a specific case are if it goes to trial. The desired outcome and success of any case depends majorly upon the attorney you decide to hire. More than for any other case, the attorney you choose to hire for criminal cases in Oregon should have the ability to defend you aggressively in the court.

The attorneys at Arnold Law are qualified and among the best Eugene Oregon criminal defense attorneys, who give their clients quality representation and defense in DUII Cases and Criminal Defense, including matters such as Repeat DUII Offenses, Drug Crimes, Property Crimes, Campus Crimes, and Assault. The most challenging thing about any case is working effectively and diligently through the legal system to bring even seemingly bad facts and issues into your favor.

Our Eugene criminal defense attorneys take time to listen to you and understand your case. This gives them the necessary amount of time to identify the uniqueness in the situation of a client and look for the available options in the judicial system to help the innocent walk free. Because criminal cases pose a direct threat to your liberty and life, it is very important that you hire an experienced criminal defense attorney. Out attorneys look into your case and evaluate all the options that can reduce a client’s punishment and even dismiss a case.
A jury in a criminal case does not frame its decision based solely on how guilty or innocent you actually are, but rather takes into consideration the judgment of the state and the equities of the case. Challenging the judgment of the state and the case equities is possibly the most complex and hard to determine intangible criteria in criminal cases. The Eugene, Oregon criminal defense attorneys at Arnold Law know how to deal with such intricate and final legal issues through unique tactics to help increase the odds of everything turning out in a client’s favor. For instance, we might involve the expertise of a bio-medical expert to challenge the judgment of the court in DUII Cases. We work on every case as if it is going for trial and try to turn our current clients into former clients at the earliest possible convenience (i.e., complete a case to a client’s satisfaction as quickly and inexpensively as possible).

If you or anyone you know in Oregon is caught up in the legal tussle of a criminal case, then you can get in touch with our expert Eugene criminal defense attorneys at 541-359-1549 to discuss your charges. Our staff would be happy to assist you.