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People wrongfully accused of sex crimes probably make up the largest population of innocent people in prison. These are the most terrifying of cases because the accuser is often someone who we’re genetically programmed to protect, nurture and believe. These cases are always an uphill battle where the burden of proof almost seems to shift to a defendant to prove his innocence. This is definitely true in child sex offense cases.

Government officials and law enforcement no longer look at these cases from the perspective of a truth-seeker. They now act as “victim” advocates. An aggressive defense is necessary to fight these accusations, attack their case or prove your innocence.

If you have been accused of sexual abuse, rape, or another sex crime, consider that the lawyers at Arnold Law will vigorously defend clients from these charges. We understand the impact accusations of child abuse or sexual assault can have on your reputation, children, and future. We will provide you with the straight-talking legal counsel your case requires.

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Child Sexual Abuse Lawyers

Children are vulnerable to suggestion. Oftentimes the interview by the Child Advocacy Center is done correctly and in accordance with the Oregon child victim interviewing guidelines established by the Oregon Department of Justice. (Download the guidelines and see for yourself and help your attorney prepare). However, the damage is already done by the time they get there. How many times the child has been questioned and how the child was questioned is essential. Parents, counselors, and others with the best intentions can jump to conclusions and pollute the mind of an impressionable child.

The lawyers of Arnold Law have experience in coordinating investigators to find out how the interview was conducted. Then, we can contact experts regarding child memories and interviewing techniques to have them review the investigative materials to assist in a dismissal, settlement, or acquittal by a jury.


False Accusations Affect Your Contact with Your Children

At our firm there are attorneys who specialize in juvenile court dependency cases and family custody law. These are the arenas were false sex abuse accusations come up the most, typically by a adverse party trying to gain advantage in a custody dispute. Our lawyers collaborate on these issues and utilize their collective skills in challenging liars motivated by custody and “true believer” counselors or DHS agents who may have polluted the mind of an impressionable child. DHS and many others have a track record of victimizing children by removing them from loving parents due to a terribly inadequate investigation that does more harm than good.

While you are being falsely accused, a release agreement may be in place keeping you from your family. Our criminal defense attorneys can also work to remove the order and help get your life back to normal.

Using Our Family Law Experience to Help Your Case

As experienced family law attorneys, we handle sex crime defense from a unique perspective. We have experience representing both victims and those accused of abuse. As a result, we understand the issues and how to combat these charges.

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