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The crime charges that fall under the category of Measure 11 have fixed minimum sentences for all sentenced criminal defendants. These minimum sentences are equally applicable for sex crimes, robbery and other serious crimes. Measure 11 charges are not easy for juries to acquit and you need a relevantly experienced attorney to defend you with the full proficiency and intelligence to keep you out of prison.

The attorneys of Arnold Law try to give equal importance to every case as if it is going for trial. We know the dedicated effort it takes to win a Measure 11 case and we readily dedicate all our efficient resources to have your case dismissed, get you an acquittal or reach a settlement.

You deserve an attorney who cares as much about your case as you do. Contact our Measure 11 defense firm to discuss your charges with an experienced Eugene attorney.


Understanding Measure 11 Charges and Sex Crimes in Oregon

Since there are mandatory minimum sentences for crimes that fall under the category of Measure 11, these statutes have given enormous power to the unelected deputy prosecutors. Deputy prosecutors posses the power to change the sentencing decisions from the judge and factual decisions from the jury by choosing the charges and running the grand jury. This often hamstrings defending a case due to the enormous risk of going to trial.

The attorneys at Arnold law put in their best efforts to defend you from sex crime offenses and Measure 11 charges. They are focused on helping you evade the conviction and the mandatory prison sentence, which can range anywhere between 5 to 25 years. We represent clients facing all types of Measure 11 crimes, including:

  • »Rape, including date rape and statutory rape
  • »Sexual assault
  • »Child abuse and molestation
  • »Child pornography
  • »Murder and manslaughter
  • »Assault
  • »Kidnapping
  • »Robbery

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Being trial lawyers, our attorneys handle your case backed with all the necessary preparation and expertise required to end up bringing the final verdict in your favor. Your case is handled with diligent preparation, evidence collecting and coordination of expert testimony.

Because of our family law background, we have determined the strategies necessary to defend our clients against sex offense and assault charges. Since these cases are sensitive to your life and children, we deal with the interview with alleged victims and children very carefully following an unaffected approach, especially for kids.

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Following a comprehensive approach to a case, our attorneys investigate every little detail of a case thoroughly for any potentials clues that could become a client’s saving grace. For example, our firm has pioneered the practice of using polygraphs substantively in sex crime cases and are paving the way in the trial courts for new appellate case law. Our consultation does not bind you to hire us. So even if you have plans to not hire an attorney , you can get in touch with our lawyers about taking a polygraph for your defense before you are charged.

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