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State and federal gun crimes can land a person a very long prison sentence. Arnold Law understands the interplay between state and federal law and are well versed in search and seizure law. Also we practice in the area of firearm right restoration.

Being accused of a drug crime puts your life and liberty on the line. It also dramatically affects your hunting rights. An aggressive defense is necessary to fight these accusations and the awesome power of the government.

They have multiple police agencies, investigators, forensic scientists, and district attorneys at their disposal. You have your lawyer. Make the most out of your choice.

If you have been accused of a firearm crime, consider that attorney Mike Arnold will vigorously defend clients against these charges. We will provide clients with the straight-talking legal counsel a case requires.

Arnold Law is owned by two gun owners who have actual knowledge of firearms and respect the right to bear arms and your right to self-defense. Managing partner Mike Arnold has been a member of the Oregon Democratic Party’s Gun Owners Caucus since its inception and plays an active roll in preventing both parties in the Oregon legislature from encroaching on our state and federal constitutional firearm rights. He has written on this topic in the past with op-ed pieces. Founding partner Jacy Arnold is a record-setting Missouri whitetail deer hunter with a Missouri Show-Me Big Buck record as well as a Boon and Crocket trophy buck.


Eugene Firearm Defense Lawyers Practice Areas

The attorneys of Arnold Law practice in the following areas:

  • » Restoration of gun rights
  • »Reduction of felonies to misdemeanors
  • » Unlawful Use of a Weapon
  • » Assault with a Firearm and self-defense
  • » Homicide
  • » Federal firearm sentencing enhancements
  • »Armed Career Criminal Act (Federal felon in possession with 15 to life)
  • » Restraining orders and stalking orders and the Violence Against Women’s Act

Oregon Motions to Suppress and Controvert

A motion to suppress can challenge evidence such as statements and the results of a search. A motion to controvert can challenge the affidavit supporting a search warrant.

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Attorney Mike Arnold understands how to defend firearm charges and avoid federal mandatory minimums . Contact our state and federal firearm attorneys to set up an appointment.