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Driving offenses jeopardize the safety of both, the driver as well as other commuters. Since it is a life threatening offense, it requires aggressive representation in the court and knowledge of the experts for the purpose of defense.

If you are accused of a driving crime, you expose your driving license and liberty to risk. The police play a crucial role in these cases and faulty police investigations ignore the witnesses supporting a defense claim. The risks are larger in these investigations as the police often ignore other critical evidence supporting the defense if it doesn’t fit into their believed version about the case. Besides the police, there are also investigators, forensic scientists, police agencies and the district attorneys whom you need to fight with to defend yourself. While there are so many people at the disposal of the government to prove you guilty, you just have your lawyer. Make a wise decision.

If you have been accused of a driving offense, attorney Mike Arnold will vigorously defend you against these charges. We will provide you with the straight-talking legal counsel your case requires.
A seasoned lawyer can help you fight the driving charges from misdemeanor reckless driving to Assault with a Motor Vehicle. Contact our vehicular homicide and driving crime lawyers to set up a consultation.

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Driving Crime Defense Lawyers in Lane County

We defend clients in the following driving crimes:

  • »Reckless Endangering
  • » Reckless Driving
  • » Assault with a Motor Vehicle
  • » Vehicular Manslaughter
  • » Criminally Negligent Homicide
  • » Driving While Suspended
  • » Driving Under the Influence of Intoxicants


Using Our Personal Injury Experience to Help Your Case

Having experienced personal injury attorneys at our boutique firm, we handle driving charges from a unique perspective. We are experienced in representing both the victims and the accused in these crimes; consequently, we are aware of the issues of both sides and know the ways to combat them.

The attorneys at Arnold Law have developed exclusive skills over the years, which are under-utilized by traditional Oregon criminal defense lawyers. Here are some examples of how our attorneys have used their personal injury experience for both criminal defendants and personal injury clients:

Biomechanical and passenger kinesiology experts:

We have used these experts to prove the trajectory of passengers and who was driving the vehicle.

Accident reconstructionists:

You cannot trust that government bureaucrats without engineering training and experience have the knowledge-base to adequately collect evidence and determine vehicle and body trajectories.

Passenger kinesiology:

Trained professional engineers are the only ones qualified to prove who was driving. Witnesses lie and government employees fail. You need a trained professional.

Forensic scientists:

The criminalists appointed by the government are biased scientists. They only report to the prosecutors. Oregon has failed its citizens by refusing to establish a crime lab independent from the Oregon State Police. You can have a private crime lab on your side. They can independently weigh controlled substances, run independent DNA, blood, and fingerprint tests.

Common Defenses to Driving Crimes

Our attorneys have experience in the common defenses of driving crimes:

    • »Who was driving?
    • »Did you get notice of the suspension?
    • »Were you on a public highway or premises open to the public?
    • »Were you actually the cause of the accident?

Contact a Reckless Driving Lawyer in Eugene as Soon as Possible

Attorney Mike Arnold understands how to defend driving charges and convince prosecutors and jurors of the merits of driving defense claims. Contact our driving attorneys to set up an appointment.