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The serious nature of drug crimes requires specialized representation. The attorney you hire needs to develop an understanding of the interplay between the state and federal law. Our attorneys have experience with the the possibility of federal criminal liability.

Have you ever wondered why people say that drug crimes require an aggressive defense? These crimes put your life and liberty at stake and great experience is required to challenge the power of the government involved in these cases. They have multiple police agencies, investigators, forensic scientists, and district attorneys at their disposal. However, you only have your lawyer, so make the wisest choice you can.

Mike Arnold, our lead trial attorney at Arnold Law, has experience and expertise to vigorously fight for drug crime cases and defending the accused against these charges. We provide clients with the straight-talking legal counsel a case requires.

From Marijuana grows to Methamphetamine delivery to Cocaine export, you can fight these accusations with the help of a seasoned trial lawyer. Contact our lawyers to set up a consultation.


Eugene Controlled Substance Attorneys for Motions to Suppress and Controvert

Drug delivery cases require attorneys experienced in motion work in addition to trial work. In these cases an understanding of the case along with competent research skills is very important.

A motion to suppress can challenge evidence such as statements and the results of a search. A motion to controvert can challenge the affidavit supporting a search warrant.


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Attorney Mike Arnold understands how to defend drug charges and avoid federal mandatory minimums. Contact our controlled substances attorneys to set up an appointment.