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There can be nothing more dangerous to peace of mind than domestic violence cases. These cases have also seen another side in the attitude of the government. The government no more uses an approach of looking at these cases from the truth seeker point of view. Rather the government now acts as “victim” advocates. You need an aggressive defense attorney to fight against these accusations.

The lawyers at Arnold Law have the experience and expertise to defend clients aggressively against domestic abuse accusations. Spousal abuse and domestic accusations can have a serious negative impact on your life, reputation and children. Arnold Law will provide clients with the straight-talking legal counsel a case requires.

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Do You Have a Restraining Order Against You?

The government and laws of Oregon have made it too easy to obtain restraining order or stalking protective order. Oregon law treats real victims badly and many people accuse their friends and family and abuse the system out of spite.

If you have been accused wrongly for a restraining order or stalking protective order, it can affect your life enormously. During the period the order is effective, the law might keep you away from your loved ones and even your home. Our criminal defense attorneys will work to remove the order and keep your criminal record clean.

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Using Our Family Law Experience to Help Your Case

As experienced family law attorneys, we handle domestic violence defenses from a unique perspective. We have experience in representing both victims and those accused of abuse. Being efficiently experienced in defending both sides, we have gained an insight that helps us combat these issues.

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Accusations of domestic violence can impact your child custody and visitation rights. Contact our restraining order attorneys to set up an appointment.