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The first person to call 911 usually ends up as being the “victim.” Law enforcement functions with this mindset and even the police functions in sync with that. For instance, if the police hear from the dispatch that someone has been assaulted, and they assume it’s true. Then you are stuck disproving that assumption.


The accusations of assault jeopardize your life and liberty. You can’t even trust the police in that case because the faulty investigations tend to go against you strongly. These faulty investigations can go to the extent of ignoring the witnesses that are in the favor of a self-defense claim, and these also ignore the evidence that does not fit in their version of the incident. The police will pick a side and act as “victim” advocates. In such a situation, you have to defend yourself against the power of government and these accusations. The power of the government incorporates multiple police agencies, investigators, forensic scientists, and district attorneys. It’s not an easy task to fight against this huge power. You need the skills and expertise of an experienced attorney who can defend you aggressively.

Mike Arnold and his team of highly experienced attorneys at Arnold Law can defend clients vigorously against these charges. We will provide clients with the straight-talking legal counsel cases require.

From misdemeanor assault all the way to Measure 11′s Assault I and II (click here to learn more about Ballot Measure 11), you can fight these accusations with the help of a seasoned trial lawyer. Contact our assault and Measure 11 lawyers to set up a consultation.

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Using Our Personal Injury Experience to Help Your Case

Arnold Law Firm has an entire team of proficient lawyers and personal injury attorneys who with their experience have developed an ability to handle every case uniquely. With their versatile experience, they have developed the ability to represent both the victim and the accused of these crimes. Consequently, we understand these issues and know how to combat them professionally.

The skills that the lawyers at Arnold Law have developed over the years are under-utilized by traditional Oregon criminal defense lawyers. Here are some instances of how we have been able to deal with both criminal defendants and personal injury clients:

Biomechanical experts:

Our attorneys have used biomechanists to prove that a rape allegation was impossible; that human forces couldn’t render certain objects capable of causing serious physical injury.

Accident reconstructionists:

There is no way you can trust the government bureaucrats who investigate without having engineering training and the knowledge-base to adequately collect evidence and determine vehicle and body trajectories.

Passenger kinesiology:

You cannot rely on the witnesses and trained professionals to validate who was driving, as they tend to change their statement under external influences.To prove who was driving, you need the expertise of trained professional engineers.

Forensic scientists:

The government criminalists are biased scientists. They only report to the prosecutors. Oregon has failed its citizens by refusing to establish a crime lab independent from the Oregon State Police. You can have a private crime lab on your side. They can independently weigh controlled substances, run independent DNA, blood, and fingerprint tests.


Contact an Assault Lawyer in Eugene as Soon as Possible

Attorney Mike Arnold understands how to defend assault charges and convince prosecutors and jurors of the merits of self-defense claims. Contact our assault attorneys to set up an appointment.