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If you have been arrested for a crime in Eugene or the rest of Oregon, you may be wondering about the consequences of a potential conviction. Visit our ‘What to Know‘ page to learn more. There is a lot at stake in such situations. Criminal charges are serious and being involved in them can put you into jail or harm your employment, which may affect both your peace of mind and professional life. An effective attorney in Eugene can sometimes help acquit clients from a criminal charge. In such a case, you may need an experienced Oregon attorney to help fight for you.


The attorneys at Arnold Law Firm understand the gravity of criminal cases, and how they may leave an adverse impact on your reputation, family, and liberty. The Eugene attorneys working at our office aim to give high priority to every criminal case they undertake. We understand how much is at risk for you and we provide clients with the straight-talking legal counsel needed to defend a case. With an Oregon criminal defense attorney by your side, you don’t need to risk a criminal conviction alone. Get in touch with us now through email or phone. You can email or call us at 541-359-1549 to ask about scheduling an initial appointment with one of our attorneys.

Dominating the Prosecution


State prosecutors deal with cases everyday and hence they are well prepared to send you to prison. You need aggressive strategies to gain an advantage over the prosecution. Our Eugene lawyers look for settlement negotiations with full preparation for trial to take advantage of every option available in your case. We believe that the main key to gaining an advantage over the prosecution is knowing the facts and legal issues better than anyone else in the courtroom.

Our firm knows that criminal defense cases cannot be dealt with by a single person. So, when you get in touch with us, we will dedicate an entire team of Eugene attorneys that will work zealously to defend your case, keeping in mind the complexities involved. We aim at delivering dismissal, settlement or acquittal, which is accomplished by coordinating an efficient strategy, working with experts, and collecting evidence.

Skilled Eugene trial lawyers don’t just ferry offers from prosecutors, they prepare the case for trial as well. They work hard by preparing cases for a plea agreement. In case, the chances for an agreement are minimum, they are always ready to take the case to court.

Providing aggressive defense for Criminal Charges

Our Eugene, Oregon attorneys have extensive experience in dealing with cases involving complex criminal charges. Attorney Mike Arnold is a former state prosecutor and therefore he and his team understand the situations of your criminal defense case very well. They have a knack of delivering positive results in various criminal cases like:

The expertise of our attorneys enables us to deal with all our criminal cases with creative strategies to work towards the desired results. For instance if you are accused of a violence related crime, we may utilize the expertise of a biomechanical professional to examine whether things went exactly the same way as explained by state prosecutors. Similarly, in a drunk driving case, we might deploy an accident reconstruction expert to get an edge over the situation. Overall, our defensive skills in dealing with cases like family law, vehicular homicide, personal injury and business litigation could mean the difference between conviction and acquittal for clients.

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Our attorneys work meticulously to defend your charges and keep clients out of prison when possible. Get in touch with our Eugene criminal defense lawyers and ask about setting up an initial appointment. Call 24/7 – 541-359-1549